The Cycles of Living

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The Moon and You

The Moon's cycle is the easiest to observe. The Moon moves through every sign of the zodiac about thirteen times a year. You experience this cycle so many times there is a tendency to overlook its patterns. However, it is a potent and predictable factor in your life. In general, the daily Moon sign provokes the same response from each of us. Thus, this section is dedicated to the common effects of the Moon on humanity - our Moonscope.

Visit often. (Look below for this week's view of our life under the influence of the Moon's cycle.)
Observe the Moon cycle patterns in your life.
Achieve your goals.

The Sun is in Pisces

Visit my blog on Feb 28th for my comments on the Pisces New Moon.

The Moon is the undisputed emotional barometer. In fact, when emotions are out of control we call it Lunacy. It's helpful to know which lunacies are affecting us during the week.

New Moon
February 28th/March 1st

This week the Moon will be in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces & Aries

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