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The Moon and You

The Moon's cycle is the easiest to observe. The Moon moves through every sign of the zodiac about thirteen times a year. You experience this cycle so many times there is a tendency to overlook its patterns. However, it is a potent and predictable factor in your life. In general, the daily Moon sign provokes the same response from each of us.

Observe the Moon cycle patterns in your life. Notice when you tend to be prickly, joyful, nervous, careless, etc. Keep track of which Moon signs tend to be in play when you're happy, sad or distracted. Once you know how each sign works for you, life will smooth out, considerably.

The Moon is the undisputed emotional barometer. In fact, when emotions are out of control we call it Lunacy. It is helpful to know which lunacies are affecting us during the week.

The Moon traverses three signs this week. Leo, Virgo and Libra. Everyone experiences each sign in general terms. You have the task of understanding what the Moon is doing to your friend, neighbors and colleagues, AND, you have to meld that with how it affects you personally.

Mar 2 - Mar 8
Monday & Tuesday

You are handling significant energy when the Moon is in Leo. And, it does have mercy on us to make Monday harmonious. No matter what the challenge, there is probably a way to smooth the waves if you approach every glitch with a generous spirit. However, in the wee hours of Tuesday, Leo makes a hard aspect to Mercury and then goes void. Yes, Tuesday is a void energy day. Time to finish up things. Mail tax returns, etc. But, also watch out for problems with communication, paperwork, autos, internet and so on because of that final Mercury. You will either feel the weight of heavy energy that just seems to linger, or you will find you have to work hard - not smart - to solve every problem.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
takes over early on Wednesday and stays around until late afternoon on Friday. Now you are dealing with ups and downs. Males will probably be your greatest challenges, even if you are a male. Whether he is opposing you, or just being difficult, remember to stand your ground. Listen, but be strong where you know you are doing the right thing. Your strength and resolve will carry you. Virgo void energy takes over midday Thursday. Until Libra enters Friday evening, you are in that void. It is the time to mail your taxes and let things just work themselves out. Do what you need to do but avoid trying to push for changes. Leave those until Friday evening or Saturday.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
We are in the hands of lovely Libra. Do not be deceived. Libra brings her gifts with a price. I call her the iron fist in the velvet glove. Make the most of Friday. Enjoy love and friendship. However, Saturday and Sunday are mixed bags. If you use diplomacy at every turn and a smile before you speak or act, you will avoid the difficult. Embrace all the best in the people around you. The Moon will enter a void period late in the afternoon on Sunday. But, it enters on a more relaxed note. Again, time to send that tax return then read a book, tune the tv to your favorite program, watch a movie, call a friend. Engage your thoughts. Think positive.

Finally, remember, when the Moon is in your Sun sign, it is your power day. And, if you know what sign rules your career house, you will be more in sync with your job or craft when the Moon is in that sign.

If you would like to know the Moon signs each week, come back to this home page on Mondays.