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The Moon and You

The Moon's cycle is the easiest to observe. The Moon moves through every sign of the zodiac about thirteen times a year. You experience this cycle so many times there is a tendency to overlook its patterns. However, it is a potent and predictable factor in your life. In general, the daily Moon sign provokes the same response from each of us.

Observe the Moon cycle patterns in your life. Notice when you tend to be prickly, joyful, nervous, careless, etc. Keep track of which Moon signs tend to be in play when you're happy, sad or distracted. Once you know how each sign works for you, life will smooth out, considerably.

The Moon is the undisputed emotional barometer. In fact, when emotions are out of control we call it Lunacy. It is helpful to know which lunacies are affecting us during the week.

The Moon traverses four signs this week -
Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini.
Everyone experiences each sign in general terms. You have the task of understanding the emotional effect of the Moon as you interact with strangers, friends, neighbors and colleagues. AND, you have to meld that with how it personally affects you.

July 6 - July 12

Moon in Pisces
Jul 5 @ 10:22a ET/7:22a PT
to July 7 @ 12:37p ET/9:37a PT
Emotions take center stage Monday through Tuesday morning. It is difficult to solve problems without dwelling on how you feel. Do not fight the influence that emotions exert on your life. Any task you take on you will be driven to complete. So be careful how much you bite off. Keep your to-do list simple. If you are in a leadership role and want to shake up your subordinates, you will be most aggressive on Tuesday but it is not a good idea. You will feel they are not working with you. Take a few minutes to re-evaluate your perceptions. Get advice from someone who has more experience and whom you respect.
Moon Void in Pisces
July 7 @ 10:37a ET/7:37a PT
to July 7 @ 12:37p ET/9:37a PT
Use these few hours to regroup and get ready for a real change in how you feel and act.

Moon in Aries
July 7 @ 12:37p ET/9:37a PT
to Jul 9 @ 3:49p ET/12:49p PT
Tuesday Afternoon through Thursday Afternoon you have the motivation, drive and energy you need. Remember to allow enough travel time to catch buses, trains and planes on time. There is a tendency for everything and everyone to be on time or even early. And, there is a tendency to rush. Rushing can lead to unforeseen delays. That is, you speed; get a ticket and end up late for your appointment. You will not score points and may be seen as unreliable. So, plan ahead and leave wriggle room for the unexpected.
Be self confident but not aggressive. Listen carefully. Remember, do not provoke, nor should you play the victim. If ever there were a time to be mellow, these are the days to do it.
Moon Void in Aries
to Jul 9 @ 9:47a ET/6:47a PT
to Jul 9 @ 3:49p ET/12:49p PT
Life does lighten up as you head into Thursday and you can use the remaining energy to divest of the tensions of the last few days. If you smile and think positive thoughts, you will feel the shift in energy. The load lifts. But it is all about your attitude.

Moon in Taurus
Jul 9 @ 3:49p ET/12:49p PT
to Jul 11 @ 8:16p ET/5:16p PT
I think you will be pleased to move into this slower pace. Your mind and body will recover. You think better, feel better, behave better. Your only challenge is to give in to others a little. You will be pushed to compromise. Do so with class. That does not mean you are a door mat. It means you are not stubborn. Under the Taurus influence there is a tendency to be stubborn and a little unyielding. Thursday through Saturday evening are your times to slow down and smell the roses.
Moon Void in Taurus
Jul 11 @ 5:53p ET/2:53p PT
to Jul 11 @ 8:16p ET/5:16p PT
Saturday evening is perfect for a quiet night. If you feel like retreating from society, do so, but do it quietly and smoothly. You do not want to pass on any negativity.

Moon in Gemini
Jul 11 @ 8:16p ET/5:16p PT
Saturday evening and Sunday are much mellower times. Treat yourself to ice cream instead of a cold beer, sorbet instead of wine. If you are pushed about anything important, do your best to put off decisions. The planet Neptune is at work; it clouds your vision and pushes you to escape rather than handle challenges. This is good energy for daydreams and recording creative ideas for the future.

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