The Cycles of Living

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The Moon and You

The Moon's cycle is the easiest to observe. The Moon moves through every sign of the zodiac about thirteen times a year. You experience this cycle so many times there is a tendency to overlook its patterns. However, it is a potent and predictable factor in your life. In general, the daily Moon sign provokes the same response from each of us.

Observe the Moon cycle patterns in your life. Notice when you tend to be prickly, joyful, nervous, careless, etc. Keep track of which Moon signs tend to be in play when you're happy, sad or distracted. Once you know how each sign works for you, life will smooth out, considerably.

The Moon is the undisputed emotional barometer. In fact, when emotions are out of control we call it Lunacy. It is helpful to know which lunacies are affecting us during the week.

Mercury Retrograde
May 18 @ 9:49p ET/6:49p PT
to June 11 @ 6:33p Et/3:33p PT

New Moon
May 18 @ 12:12a ET
May 17 @ 9:12p PT

The Moon traverses three signs this week - Gemini, Cancer and Leo. Everyone experiences each sign in general terms. You have the task of understanding the emotional effect of the Moon as you interact with strangers, friends, neighbors and colleagues, AND, you have to meld that with how it personally affects you.

May 18 to May 24

Moon in Gemini
May 18 @ 5:28a ET/3:28a PT
to May 20 @ 9:55a ET/6:55a PT
Void Gemini Moon
May 19 @ 1:57p ET/10:57a PT
to May 20 @ 9:55a ET/6:55a PT
Moon in Cancer
May 20 @ 9:55a ET/6:55a PT
to May 22 @ 5:42p ET/2:42p PT
Void Cancer Moon
May 21 @ 8:36p ET/5:36p PT
to May 22 @ 5:42p ET/2:42p PT
Moon in Leo
May 22 @ 5:42p ET/2:42p PT
to May 25 @ 4:52a ET/1:52a PT
Void Leo Moon
May 24 @ 6:50a ET/3:50a PT
to May 25 @ 4:52a ET/1:52a PT

Monday and Tuesday
Gemini energy kicks off the week with its ruling planet, Mercury is going retrograde. You may feel you have trouble making a forward movement. If so, you are fighting the energy. Once you achieve synchrony with Mercury, life will be easier. Of course, that may take the entire day. I suggest you look at thwarted activities as the opportunity to 're-start' your project. Anything you review, redo or restart will produce the kind of result you desire. When you redo, restart or review, you have a chance to spot flaws - large and small. The void Gemini period is long so you have time to revise your plans and projects. You can meet the Monday challenges by maximizing the Tuesday void period.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Cancer Moon energy is dynamic. It is not just about feeding and caretaking, it is also about providing. So use this period to review your financial planning. You are not required to change all your investments but it is a propitious time for reviewing and investigating what you did in the past with an eye to the future. The Cancer void period begins Thursday evening and covers much of Friday. It does not cover the traditional date night hours but is a good way to ease into fun time.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
There is nothing like starting a long weekend with Leo energy. Be magnanimous, upbeat and considerate. Can you give a more generous tip to the wait staff? Add a tip to the jar at the barista station. Smile and take things in stride. The weekend will be as happy, exciting and full of fun as you make it. The void Leo period is a time to languish in bed, take walks, lie in the sun. Please enjoy the Leo Moon. It will bestow gifts if you are open to them.

If you would like to know the Moon signs each week, come back to this home page on Mondays.